Catering – Faq

1.How much does it cost

The cost depends on the number of guests served and the portion size per guest. We will be able to provide a price once we are given this information.

2.Can Farr’s cater an outdoor event?


3.How many flavors and toppings can I choose?

Please contact us to review the choices of flavors and toppings.

These may vary by location.

4.What do I need to do at the event?

Farr’s will prepare your deserts ready for pick up (we can help with if need, with containers for transporting product to the event. We will provide the product, toppings and paper goods you have chosen.

5.What kind of events do you cater?

We will cater almost any event. Farr’s catering is ideal for weddings, family reunions, school events, corporate events and parties.

6.How much notice do you need to cater an event?

At least one week.

10.What is the information you will need to cater your event?

If the event is indoors or outdoors.
The type of event you are planning.
The date of the event.
The address where the event will be held.
The number of guests you plan on serving.

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